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oh hello there C:

heyooo all. C:

sorry i haven’t been updating a lot recently, i’m on tet (lunar new year) break and haven’t had much time to go on tumblr! x

anyways, something really funny happened today. so i went to hoi an, a city in vietnam, and there’s this really amazing bakery/cafe there called cargo club that i adoreee. i ended up ordering 5 different desserts, and let me tell you, their desserts are HUGE. like main course huge. but anyways, i ended up getting a lemon tart for takeaway because i was too full to eat it there.

hahahaha that’s funny because my url is l-emon-tart and today i had a lemon tart and it was really good and yeah..

now that i think about it, it’s really not that funny. but oh well. c:

have an amazing week everyonee! xx

3 notes   Feb 12th, 2013  
  1. lemony-sugar said: Glad to hear that you had a amazing week :) I wanna eat lemon tarttttttt<3 x
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